Time for dessert. Scotch pancakes with caramelized banana and rum and vanilla ice cream. Pancakes: Why do you eat them in February once a year (Shrove Tuesday), which is crazy? This is an American style pancake, light, fluffy, and absolutely delicious. 甜點時間。蘇格蘭鬆餅搭配焦糖香蕉、萊姆酒及香草冰淇淋。鬆餅:為什麼要在每年的二月吃一次鬆餅 (懺悔星期二:註一),那真是瘋了? 這是種美式鬆餅,清爽、鬆軟,且絕對美味。 Start off with one-fifty grams of flour. You sieve the flour as you pour it into the bowl. Baking powder keeps the pancake really nice and light and fluffy. Salt. Three eggs. Seventy-five ml of water and a hundred and twenty ml of buttermilk. And the secret behind this pancake mix is to make sure that we’ve got no lumps anywhere. Whisk the eggs into the flour. Get your buttermilk. Just add half of it. In. Give it a really good whisk. That’s nice and smooth already. The rest of the buttermilk. And when you make a pancake mix like this, it’s chemistry, so follow the recipe exactly. 從一百五十克麵粉開始。你要邊篩麵粉邊倒進碗裡。發酵粉讓鬆餅非常美味、清爽且鬆軟。鹽巴。三顆雞蛋。七十五毫升的水以及一百二十毫升的酪奶。而這個鬆餅混合麵糊背後的秘訣是,要確保任何地方都沒有結塊。攪拌雞蛋入麵粉裡。拿出你的酪奶。加入一半就好。倒入。給它好好攪拌一下。那樣已經美味又滑順了。剩下的酪奶。還有,你在製作類似這種的鬆餅混合麵糊的時候,它是化學變化,所以要確實遵照食譜作。 Now we’ve got this really nice smooth batter. That’s ready. Perfect. Non-stick pan, sun flower oil, and just run that round. Half a ladle, in. A minute and a half on each side. Palette knife in, and over. Look, absolutely beautiful. Onto a plate. 現在我們有了這真正美味又滑順的麵糊。這已經好了。完美。不沾鍋、葵花油,然後就兜個圈。半勺,倒入。每面煎一分半。鏟刀放進去,然後翻面。你看,絕對漂亮。放到盤上。 This is where it gets really exciting. We’re caramelizing bananas. It’s important to slice them lengthways, in order to make sure that they don’t go mushy in the pan. I’m gonna make a really nice, quick caramel. Fifty grams of sugar. Back on the heat, and start the caramel. Don’t whisk it. Don’t put a spoon in there. Just leave it in the pan. Once you’re happy with the colour, take it back off the heat. Butter. Bananas. 這裡它變得非常令人振奮。我們要做焦糖香蕉。縱向切香蕉是很重要的,是為了確保它們在盤中不會變糊狀。我要來作一個非常棒又速成的焦糖。五十克的糖。放回火上,著手製作焦糖。不要攪拌。不要放湯匙進去。就把它留在盤中。一旦你對顏色滿意,將它從火上拿回來。牛油。香蕉。 What I’m gonna do now is deglaze this pan with some rum. Rum, banana, caramel goes brilliantly. Rum in. Nice. Lovely. Think of the flavour. A little cup of water: just to let the caramel down so it’s not too sticky and rich and too thick. 然後我現在要做的是在鍋裡加點蘭姆酒收汁(註二)。蘭姆酒、香蕉、焦糖的搭配極出色。倒入蘭姆酒。美味。美麗。考慮一下那口味。一小杯的水:只是要讓焦糖稀一點,如此它就不會太黏牙、濃厚,還太稠。 There we go. That’s ready. Be generous with them, because it’s just the ultimate indulgence. And then finally, to finish it, some really nice ice cream on top, and drizzle that over. Very, very quick and easy. Scotch pancakes, caramelised bananas with rum and vanilla ice cream: done. Beautiful! No wonder the Americans are so f**king fat. 這就對了。準備好上桌。大方使用它們吧,因為這道甜點就是終極的享受啊。再來,最後,要完成它,放些非常美味的冰淇淋在上頭,然後將那淋上去。非常、非常迅速且簡單。蘇格蘭鬆餅、焦糖香蕉搭配萊姆酒及香草冰淇淋:搞定。真美啊!難怪美國人都如此他X的肥。 註一:懺悔星期二是基督教四旬齋節前的周二。 註二:在西方廚藝中deglaze這個動作有些類似中式料理的收汁,但還是稍有不同。deglaze是利用白酒(可用高湯替代)將黏在鍋底的菜渣碎屑調勻成湯汁,讓料理更加美味不浪費。 資料來源→http://blog.youtubelearn.com/gordon-ramsay-scotch-pancakes-with-caramelised-banana/

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